Buying and Selling to Federal Government Guide

Government of Canada: Supply Chain Management and Procurement Services Background.

Aside from the convenience of reference, this guide on Buying and Selling to Federal Government  was designed to make available vital information to the public who may not be well-informed about the numerous services offered by the government. Originally, a majority the information from this guide comes from the book “Public and Private Surplus Business Resource”.

Please be cautious and never pay for something that is publicly accessible especially government resources from and for the public sector.  Having said that, there are tons of Canadian and U.S. based websites out there that require you to pay a one-time upfront fee or an ongoing-membership fee in order to let you access government surplus and sales sources. All that and much more is available and contained in this guide and on website. Access to this guide along with many other guides and resources on Canada Small are all free and available to the public at no charge.

Every effort was made to ensure that the information provided was precise at the time of publication. However, due to the dynamic nature of government policies, it is important that you always contact the agencies responsible for the sales, auctions, and public tenders to ask questions if you are unclear about the location, dates, or terms of the transactions included on their website. I strongly recommend that after glancing through this section, if you are interested in buying federal surplus assets, or want to become a supplier to the Government of Canada, you should visit their websites or contact the nearest office in your region. Please refer to the list of websites, offices, distribution centres and third party vendors below.

This guide is centered on exploring the potential of buying surplus goods, other assets, and real estate from the federal government. Also, it highlights a number of sources on selling to the federal government. At the federal level of government, there are several agencies and organizations that buy, sell or dispose of excess equipment, vehicles, land and other assets through a variety of methods. From the experience I had with them, the Canadian government’s Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), and Crown Assets Distribution Centres (CADCs) appear to be transparent and they help a lot in providing sufficient information when you contact them.

Just like the General Services Administration (GSA) of the United States which oversees the business operation of the U.S federal government such as supplying federal purchasers with cost-effective products and services from commercial vendors, the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) department is one of the best sources of surplus goods and items at the federal level of government in Canada. The department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) is not only the primary purchasing agent of the Canadian Government, but is also responsible for disposing surplus government materials.

To handle this huge and demanding job, several Crown Assets Distribution Centers (CADC), within the Public Works and Government Services Canada were established. Read the full article here and access all the links and resources.

About the Author: K Shalizi

December 5, 2017