Canada Databases

Canada Databases.


CANADA : Database | Records: 2.23 Million | Version: 1.2

The set of Canadian Directories referred to as the Canada Database Lists on this page, entirely consists of both the public and private sectors.

The Canada database is made up of over 2 million organizational records and is one of the most  comprehensive databases in Canada.

These databases contain in-depth information and various codes including NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and SIC (Standard Industry Classification) codes.

The Canada Business Databases contains the following information:

  • Organization or business name
  • Industry and sector
  • Geographic region
  • Area demographics
  • Market position
  • Size of the prospective market
  • Address, phone, fax, web, email
  • Detailed contact information
  • SIC code and/or NAICS code

In addition to Canada Database, over a dozen databases cover Canada and a separate database for each Province and Territory.

  • Canada database
  • Alberta database
  • British Columbia database
  • Manitoba database
  • New Brunswick database
  • Newfoundland and Labrador database
  • Nova Scotia database
  • Northwest Territories database
  • Nunavut database
  • Ontario database
  • Prince Edward Island database
  • Quebec database,
  • Saskatchewan database
  • Yukon database

Canada and Provinces and Territories Databases,