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Buying and Selling to Federal Government Guide

Doing Business with the Government of Canada. Buying and Selling to Federal Government: 
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Public Works and Government Services Canada

Public Works and Government Services Canada - PWGSC is a key player in administering important roles in the daily operations of the Government of Canada as a primary provider of services for federal d

New Brunswick Gazette

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Newfoundland and Labrador Gazette

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Nova Scotia Gazette

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Prince Edward Island Gazette

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The Directory of Federal Real Property

The Directory of Federal Real Property – DFRP is the most comprehensive main record listing of real property holdings of the Government of Canada. It is a list of all federal government properties.
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Federal Real Estate - Public Sale

Real Estate for sale from the Government of Canada - general public All Crown lands in Canada are owned by Her Majesty the Queen. The administration of these lan
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Canada Land Company - CLC

Canada Lands Company – CLC Canada Lands Company is a self-financing an arm's length Crown corporation. CLC purchases surplus strategic properties (creative think

Canada Gazette

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