Municipal & Township Governments


City of Surrey

  City of Surrey: Surrey’s Investment and Intergovernmental Relations Department enables local business growth, facilitates economic investment, and maximizes opportunities for partnership w

City of Vancouver

  The City of Vancouver’s Economic Development Commission (VEDC) connects local and international organizations in the city of Vancouver. The VEDC works to strengthen the city’s economic f
Canadian Federal Government

Unclaimed Assets (Property) - Canada

Unclaimed Assets / Balances   Financially - you may be richer...   What is an unclaimed asset or balance?  

Canada Land Company

Canada Lands Company – CLC   Canada Lands Company is a self-financing an arm's length Crown corporation.  CLC purchases surplus strategic properties

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat – DFRP The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat provides advice and makes recommendations to the Treasury B


Are you buying a property? Are you looking for a government assistance program for a down-payment on a property? Do you want to get $20,000 plus for a down-payment towards a house/property? I
Canadian Federal Government

Science Educational Resources

The Government of Canada has a number of good resources on science education. Please visit the link below to learn more about updated resources. Web: