Gustavson Brand Trust Index - GBTI

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The Gustavson Brand Trust Index – GBTI was established to raise awareness of the role trust plays in the minds of consumers when making purchasing decisions and measures the relationships between social equity, trust, and advocacy for brands in Canada.


GBTI is managed and conducted by University of Victoria – Peter B. Gustavson. The GBTI  measures Canadian consumers’ opinions about roughly 276 corporate and product brands across 27 categories.


GBTI evaluates responses collected from 6,384 Canadian consumers to assess their levels of brand trust and examine what causes them to recommend a brand to their friends and family.


Gustavson Brand Trust Model:


  •  Brand trust
  • Values-based trust
  • Functional trust
  • Relationship trust
  • Net Recommendations


For more information, please visit Gustavson website below.



Website: Gustavson




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